Leasing Application

What is a leasing application and what do you need for it?

A leasing application on gowago.ch is the first step in getting a car through a monthly payment.

Customers fill out an online application form their personal and financial information after selecting a specific car. Gowago then reviews the information and conducts a credit-check together with Migros Bank to ensure the applicant would not slip into over-indebtedness due to the leasing arrangement.

After this process, the applicant will be informed whether they need to submit further information, have been accepted for the lease, or cannot get lease (with the chosen car at least).

Reasons for immediate rejections of an application include the presence of running debt enforcements. Find out more about debt enforcements (Betreibung) and how to get rid of them in preparation for a lease by reading our blog article on Leasing and Debt Enforcements.