What is a quote in the context of car leasing?

A "quote" refers to an estimated monthly leasing price of a specific vehicle, provided by a leasing company or dealership.

This estimation is calculated by including the down payment, annual kilometre package, lease duration, and expected residual value. It may also include other necessary fees. Quotes are meant to give potential customers an insight into how much their lease will roughly cost.

Unfortunately, with some leasing providers, the actual final leasing price can sometimes significantly differ from the original offer.

In order to guarantee total transparency and give customers a detailed look into the monthly price of their mobility, gowago.ch incorporates a detailed leasing calculator in its offers.

Hence, there is no need for traditional quotes. Instead, the final prices for gowago.ch cars are displayed directly online and can be changed by adapting the leasing parameters.

Synonyms: Leasing offer
Synonyms German: Offerte