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Tyres, changes, and storage

Seasonal tyre changes, replacement tyres, and storage of unused tyres

Tyres, changes, and storage are included in All-in-one Essentials and All-in-one Premium.

This includes:

  • New sets of winter and summer tyres every 30,000 km
  • Seasonal tyre changes twice a year at over 100+ partner locations
  • Storage of unused tyres

Time to change tyres?

Book your seasonal tyre change online when it’s time for your Spring and Autumnal swap, or book an appointment directly at any Best Drive garage using your gowago.ch All-in-one card.

Book a seasonal tyre change

Booking an appointment directly with your chosen garage

If you decide to book your season tyre change directly you’ll need to inform the tyre partner location that your car is covered by gowago.ch, and provide the All-in-one (AIO) contract number in your All-in-one card when booking the appointment, before any work is started.

Please book your appointment at least 3 days in advance when arranging a seasonal tyre change directly at a BestDrive location.

If this is your first tyre change with the car, you’ll need to provide the tyre dimensions so that everything is ready when you arrive at the partner location. If you are unsure about the tyre dimensions contact All-in-one customer service and we will help you book an appointment.

Tyre storage

The tyres you don’t use will be stored with the partner location where the tyre change is made, or at a nearby storage facility until the next seasonal tyre change. The partner will need up to 3 days to have your tyres ready for your next tyre change.

New sets of tyres

Your current tyres will be swapped for new ones every 30,000 km to ensure you stay safe on the roads. Please contact All-in-one customer service if you think your tyres need replacing before your next seasonal tyre change.

Where can I change and store my tyres?

You can change and store your tyres at one of BestDrive locations across Switzerland.

Show your All-in-one customer card at the garage and you will receive the services at no extra cost.

What happens if my tyres wear out earlier than 30,000km?

During normal use, tyres last 6+ years and over 30,000 km of distance. If your car requires new tyres due to improper use – such as drifting, racing, under or over inflation of the tyres – you’ll be obligated to cover the cost. However, if replacements are due to a mechanical malfunction, the replacements and repairs will be covered by our warranty and servicing conditions.

When should I change between Winter and Summer tyres?

It’s a good idea to change to Winter tyres before the first snow falls. In Switzerland it’s typical to change to Winter tyres around October, and back to Summer tyres around Easter time. Be aware, you’ll need to book an appointment 3-days in advance so that the tyres can be delivered from storage to the garage of your choice.

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