Used Car Leasing

Used car leasing describes the financing of a second-hand, pre-owned car through a lease.

Leasing a used car can be a cost-effective way of having a car without having to purchase it outright. There are several advantages to leasing a used car compared to a new one:

  • Lower rates: Since the purchase price of a used car is generally lower means that the leasing rates of a used car can be significantly less than when leasing a factory fresh car.
  • Access to higher-end cars: Customers may be able to access more premium cars for the same budget as for a new, less luxurious alternative. For example, on, it is possible to lease a used Audi A3 with 9000km for CHF 408/month, while a brand new VW Golf would cost CHF 412/month.
  • Reliability: In recent decades, the build quality and reliability of cars has vastly improved. Hence, the reputation of used cars as being tricky in terms of repair costs no longer holds true. Nowadays, a used car even with high mileage can easily feel and behave like a new car.

However, not every used car can be leased. Every leasing provider is different when it comes to the maximum age and mileage with which a car can still be financed through a lease. applies the following rule:

  • At the end of the lease, the car can be no older than 7 years and have no more than 150’000km on the clock.
  • This means that a car that is at the time of contract signature 4 years old and has 100’000km, the maximum leasing parameters can be a contract for 3 years with a 15’000 yearly kilometre package.

Learn more about the benefits and details of leasing a used car by reading our blog on the topic.

Synonyms: Second-hand car leasing

Synonyms German: Occasionsleasing