What are the conditions to get a lease?

In order to be eligible for a lease, the following criteria must be met:

Swiss or resident

You are a Swiss citizen or hold a B / C type residence permit and have been living in Switzerland for at least 3 months. We will ask you for an identification document and/or residence permit to confirm this.

No debt enforcements

No debt collection requests were issued against you for having missed payments.


18 years or older, but no older than 70 at the end of your contract.


Employed with an indefinite contract and receiving a steady income. We'll ask for the 3 latest salary slips to confirm this or the 6 last salary slips if your contract is hourly based.

Sufficient funds

Enough disposable income to cover your monthly payments once you deduct your monthly costs (housing, health insurance, etc.) from your income.

Before you get too far in the process, answer a few simple questions to check whether you meet these requirements. This will help you understand your chances of getting a lease.

Check your eligibility