Stammnummer (Vehicle Registration Number)

What is a “Stammnummer” and how is it different from the VIN?

The "Stammnummer" is a specifically Swiss administrative identification number assigned to each vehicle upon its initial registration. It is assigned to the vehicle by the local road traffic office and used for various processes.

During vehicle registration, it is linked to a vehicle’s owner, used by the insurance to accurately identify the vehicle and determine coverage terms and premiums, and serves as a record of the vehicle’s ownership and operation history, e.g. changes in ownership, modifications, repairs or accidents.

It is not the same as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN is assigned by the vehicle’s manufacturer upon production and is used internationally, while the Stammnummer only serves purposes within the Swiss administrative system. Whereas the Stammnummer provides information about a car’s legal history, the VIN holds more technical information about the car in question.

A vehicle’s Stammnummer can be found on the right-hand page of the vehicle registration document.