Swiss Road Taxes (Strassenverkehrssteuer)

How does the Swiss Road Tax System work?

Swiss road taxes, also known as "traffic taxes" or "motor vehicle taxes", are mandatory fees charged to vehicle owners and registered vehicle keepers in Switzerland.

The amount of the road tax is calculated differently in each Swiss canton. It is mostly defined by one or more of the following vehicle characteristics: weight, engine capacity, power, size, or CO2 emissions.

The payment for these taxes is required when a vehicle is registered and subsequently on an annual basis at the end of each year for the upcoming year. The tax is used to maintain and improve road infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient travel throughout Switzerland.

When leasing a car with, you have the option of choosing an All-in-one Premium package, wherein the road tax is fully covered by the monthly rate. With an All-in-one Premium package, you simply send us the tax invoice once you receive it, and we will pay it for you.

Synonyms for road tax

English: Vehicle taxes, traffic taxes

German: Strassenverkehrssteuer, Strassensteuer, Verkehrssteuer, Fahrzeugsteuer, Verkehrsabgaben, Kfz-Steuer