Tyre Storage

What is tyre storage, and where are tyres stored with an All-in-one package?

In Switzerland, it is necessary to change a car’s tyres seasonally from winter to summer tyres or vice versa. In the interim, one set of tyres needs to be properly stored to ensure they do not deteriorate and are still safe to use when mounted again.

Private Tyre Storage

When storing tyres at home, car owners should find a place that is cool, dry, and shielded from direct sunlight to prevent any damage to the rubber. It is advised to store tyres upright to reduce stress and tire distortion. So one should not stack tyres on top of each other, especially if they are still mounted on a set of rims.

The best places to store your tyres are in a garage or alternatively in a cellar.

Professional Storage

There are professional tyre storage companies, which keep the tyres in optimal conditions until they are mounted on the car again. An additional benefit is that the tyres do not take up any space in the customer’s residence - this is especially useful for drivers without a cellar or garage.


Gowago works together with BestDrive (formerly Adam Touring and Pneu Egger) to both change and store tyres. Changing and storage is included in the monthly rate if the lease is combined with the All-in-one Essentials or Premium Package.

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