Tyre Change

When do tyres need to be changed and replaced?

Seasonal tyre change

In Switzerland, tyres should be changed twice a year to ensure optimal safety and performance during the different seasons. It is generally advised to conduct a seasonal change in Switzerland in April (switching to summer tyres) and in October (switching to winter tyres). This of course depends on the place the car will be driven. If it is located more in high-alpine regions, where temperatures remain low for longer, it is advisable to keep winter tyres on as long as necessary to avoid any issues.

  • Winter Tyres: Specifically designed with a softer rubber compound and deeper tread, improve traction, braking, and handling in cold, snowy, or icy conditions.
  • Summer Tyres: They are made from a harder compound optimised for warm weather. Their tread ensures stability in high temperatures and on wet roads.

It is advised to change tyres according to seasons. Winter tyres in the summer heat will deform more easily, reduce handling, and spike fuel usage. Summer tyres in winter will offer barely any grip when there is snow or ice.

Replacing worn-out tyres

In Switzerland, it is illegal to use tyres with a tread lower than 1.6mm. Every tyre has treadwear-indicators in their tread to check whether it is still safe to operate.

Tyres should always be replaced in pairs along the axle, meaning that front or back tyres should be replaced together, even if only one tyre is old. This ensures that the braking and handling remains balanced, and is not biased to one side.

In most cases, the driver made aware of the remaining life of their tyre during a seasonal tyre change - the mechanic will inform the driver whether the set of tyres will likely last another season. If the tyre will wear out before the next seasonal change is due, it is advised to switch to a new tyre as soon as possible - the best times to order new tyres are April and October. These are high seasons for the tyre changes, and the availability of new tyres is higher than throughout the rest of the year.

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